Thursday, December 09, 2004

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Propeller-Head Related

Apple/Motorola cell phone rumor - "I'd buy that for a $1"....

Apple Rumor #2 'O the Day. This one looks legit, though.

As if geeks didn't have enough problems getting dates already, now this. Next up, a comprehensive study on carpal-tunnel related to one-handed typing while Internet surfing ;-)

Can we all just agree to disagree on a DVD standard? I'm sure the lobbyists at Best Buy are cheering this one...

In addition, this iPod also solves African famine and comes with a complementary pair of Bono's ugly sunglasses. Seller accepts PayPal only.

Latest 100 podcasts


Donnie & Dickie pay a visit to Kuwait and get an earful. Hey Rummy! How's 'bout following your own advice for a change?

Who says John Ashcroft wasn't an effective Attorney General? Play some more honk!!

"I'll have a blue x-mas" takes on a new life...


I guess since the NHL's on strike this will have to do for violence.

Priest Holmes is out for the year. Great. Somebody should tell Gunther the defense has been gone all year too.

Speaking of the Chiefs, looks like "Bad Moon Rison" has changed his ways.. NOT!!! And since we're on the subject ot "thug-life" sports stars, it wouldn't be complete without an Iron Mike Tyson entry. No anger management problems here...

I have to end this section on a positive note. And what better way then Mia Hamm-Garciaparra-whatchmacallit. Seriously though. I can only dream that my daughters follow in her cleats, er footsteps.


Mmmm, bubble-wrap (must...pop....more....)

Top 100 Overlooked Film's of the '90's.

"The new Buicks are in early this year" - Jake Blues
OK, so this is the proposed design for the evolved VW micro-bus. Perfect for the baby-boomer Deadhead in all of us.. (requires Macromedia Flash 7)


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