Thursday, September 22, 2005


So we went to see Coldplay last night at the "Verizon Wireless Amphitheater" in fab Bonner Springs, KS. Sorry, it's always been and will always be "Sandstone" to me. Partly because the whole Verizon things galls me that they got the naming rights smack in the back-yard of the mothership here in KC. Also, it's just easier to say. Hadn't been out there for a couple of years to see a "big" concert. Now I remember why.

Security was RIDICULOUS. They had separate lines for male and female and were going though stuff and patting down like it was Hell's Angels Day at Ozzfest. WTF???!!! It's COLDPLAY, the mopiest, of all brit-pop bands out there. Hardly the weapons and Jack Daniels pint crowds. Beer prices were a joke as well. $5 for a 12oz foam ladden stale Bud / Bud Light. Mmmm - not!! Or, step up to the value-add of 16 oz. for $7.50. Plus, you could only get 1 beer at a time, per person. Not that I wanted to drain my 401k to get a buzz, but geez...

Like to end a positive note - Band was perfect, almost too perfect.. Cool video screens complete with hidden HD cameras around the stage for weird angles and perspectives of the band members all run through various video effects on this panoramic screen behind the band that moved up and down. Plenty of beautiful people to look at as well. Again, this was hardly the biker crowd that Security was acting like. As an added bonus, there was no parking charge, which stunned me. Seeing as I got the tickets foe below face value off eBay last weekend, I'd say this was an overall win. But it just reinforces the corporate controlled concert experiences SUCK!!!

Bu that's just my $.02


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