Monday, January 30, 2006

The sacrifices of parenthood

Took one for "team fatherhood". On Sat. afternoon, I took the girls to this "My little pony" movie (looked suspiciously like a DVD, complete with opening menu selections)playing at one of the gi-normous multiplexes. The movie was preceded by a Kidz Bop video (9 year olds wearing too much make-up pretending to sing and play instruments, please kill me now...). After I finished stabbing myself in the eyes with a fork, it wasn't that bad...

Actually, I had my Nano with me and slipped on the 'phones and listened to the New Yorker Magazine and shut my eyes as to avoid distraction by Rainbow and Wisteria's playful on-screen antics. Before I decided on the audio book, I had the Beastie Boys playing and it was sort of trippy as I had the music up loud enough that I couldn't hear the movie. I figured if it got to a quiet point that would be pretty bad to hear the music as someone else is trying to watch the movie, so I opted for the spoken word route. At one point Caro looks over and says "Daddy, what are you doing?" "Listening to a book sweetie now pay attention or you'll miss the movie." Upside is they only charge the kids admission, adults are free.


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