Friday, December 10, 2004

assorted doo-dads

Jeopardy's "Daily Double" takes on entirely new meaning with this response from uber champ, Ken Jennings (requires windows media player)

This was on Extreme iPod earlier in the week.
"Peachpit Press has published a book featuring over 150 ideas for playlists, complete with links allowing readers to download the tracks in each list from Apple's iTunes Music Store.
"The iPod Playlist Book", available from booksellers at $14.99, was put together by author Cliff Colby in conjunction with two dozen music critics, journalists and radio DJ's, and covers a wide range of genres including rock, pop, hip hop, punk and latin.
As well as genre, playlists are organised by activity, making it easier to choose music for weddings, road trips, and other occasions. Readers can then visit Peachpit's web site for links to download the songs in each playlist from the iTunes Music Store."

No word from Peachpit Press if they are working on a book called "How to Think for Yourself"

This looks like a sure-fire winner for the holidays. A psychic desk that answers all your magic 8-ball questions and inflicts pain on the user. Truly the gift that keeps on giving.

So you think you know your U.S. geography?
Give this a spin. It tells you within X amount of miles your placement errors. The audio's positive feedback is a nice touch too.

A walk down the Internet history lane here. The
100 Oldest registered domain names (e.g., ".com") Wonder if the bidding rights for are available? I think TRS-80 is long overdue for a comeback.

"I decided to take a select few of these popular characters and render their skeletal systems as I imagine they might resemble if one truly had eye sockets half the size of its head, or fingerless-hands, or feet comprising 60% of its body mass.

The festival of lights goes hip-hop. Outkast goes hassidic. Next up, the "Dredel Song" by Flava Flav.

As a telecom worker, I can appreciate this piece. I can think of a few employees I've seen from time to time who deserve to b-slapped with one of these notices...
Download the .PDF, get out your scissors, and make a difference.

For the java addict on your x-mas shopping list, along comes a handy
espresso machine review from Slate. Of course, you won't be able to enjoy the "ambiance" of standing in line at Starbuck's while the dolt in front of you hims and haws over the most basic of order and the employees stand around and talk with each other instead of cleaning tables or take your order.

The Passion of the Cash Flow.
LOS ANGELES (AFP) — Hollywood star Mel Gibson, flush from the huge success of his religious film "The Passion of Christ," has splashed out 15 million dollars on a private Pacific island, a report said.

"Usually, PowerPoint presentations are dry affairs with someone in a suit trying hard not to vocalize the exact same information that appears on their slides. But what if a group of artists got hold of the software and competed with each other to see who could use it most imaginatively?"
Next up is a Maplethorpe retrospective with spreadsheets...
Peace out. Enjoy your weekend.


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