Friday, December 17, 2004

Freaky Friday

Dude, try my Scotch. It's like from California. (registration required - just an email address)
Ummm, no. If it's not Scottish, IT'S CRAP!!!

In other news from Scotland, the deep-fried Mars bar, a nutritionist's nightmare that surfaced in Scotland about a decade ago, is now an established part of the Scottish culinary scene, according to a letter published in The Lancet.

And we wonder why the rest of the world mocks our president. Somewhere Dan Quayle is doing a happy dance and John Kerry is slashing his wrists...

Britain made merry-making with drunken excess grounds for a steep fine during the Christmas season, with the government attempting to rein in a worrying and widespread problem of binge-drinking. Bah-Humbug mate!!

BERLIN (Reuters) - Adolf Hitler spent years evading taxes and owed German authorities 405,000 Reichsmarks -- equivalent to $8 million today -- by the time his tax debts were forgiven soon after he took power, a researcher said on Friday. Boy, this guy's rep just gets better and better doesn't it.

It's been a wild week around the office. A timely piece from Henry Blodget on investing mistakes. He should know. Now let's hope this doesn't apply to the mothership's new "partner". And, the branding issues have been solved! From, the "dang, why didn't I think of that first" category...

The demon spawn from Britney Spears. Don't hate the players, hate the spineless A&R guys & large corporate radio.

The History Channel's Weird U.S. is well, ... Weird.

Apple officially announced some kind of cellphone partnership which would result not just in a Motorola phone that is iTunes capable, but in something users could call a proper “accessory” to their iPod, chiefly one that Apple should have a large part in the interface and exterior design.

Buy fruit, get iTunes. Apples - get it?? Wacky marketing, huh??

Great, as if T-Mobile needs any more positive P.R. or momentum, along comes this piece. Why can't we have Snoop as our spokesman??? Fo shizzle!!
In other T-Mobile news, Missouri telcos to block T-Mobile calls. I swear we had nothing to do with this!!!

Just in time for the hard to buy for person on your holiday shopping list - a paper digital clock that uses heat to display on thermal paper. Let's see, what time did I last wipe....

More holiday shopping hints for the little Norm Abram in your life. As a parent, I heartily approve!

Add WiFi to your Treo 650! SD WiFi card drivers hacked. (This could be good)
Treo 650 hacked for use with Verizon. (Not so good....)

Whoa! This is wrong on so many levels. Redneck/hillbilly engineering at its finest.

USB Eye Massager is the latest-designed health care Product specially for the Person which long time use their eyes, Such as the Computer operator. Looks like they hired the 3 Stooges for the fingers design.

Sanyo’s first megapixel cameraphone (for the States, at least), the MM-5600, will also be able to play MP3s, stream videos, include a memory card slot, and pack in a speakerphone. Daddy like!!


Blogger Simp Dogg said...

Dear Schtum.... Oh God of all that is 'Networthy....

Inquiry: If I heard a catchy tune in a commercial on the tele, where would I track down the name of the artist who performed said catchy tune? Wouldn't it be grand if there were a website that one could pull up, type in a sponsor (such as iPod), and retrieve results (such as U2)? Who does the other iPod spot? Jets? Is there such a resource?

I heard a Modest Mouse song in a car commercial but knew it was MM only because a friend of mine LOVES them. Poor ad bastards; I can remember the tune but I can't remember what make the car was much less the model.

I don't need help on Busch beer commercials because not only do I know who performed it, I also know every word of every song that Busch has ever used in addition to name of the LP on which it first appeared. In case I forget some of the lyrics, I can borrow the recently burned copy of all beer commercials that Cis burned via Napster. Or maybe he just dug up an old copy of Southern Fried Rock from K-Tel circa 1978?

Is that Freedom Rock? Well turn it up!!!

At any a brother out.

p.s. My blog is now in business with your inspiration and kudos to the same. It will be of far lesser quantity and quality than that of it's inspirational predecessor though it will be similar in its left-of-center approach to life, its placement of society above self, and its relentelss pursuit of mocking poor spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

God Bless

12:29 AM  
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