Monday, January 24, 2005

Inaugural speech greeted with skepticism abroad

The skinny new audio format that will replace MP3s—and revolutionize Internet radio

Rock on!

Mac Rumors: ThinkSecret Gets Legal Representation

Let's hope this gets Apple off his case - literally...

Mac Rumors: ThinkSecret Gets Legal Representation

Apple - iTunes - Pepsi Promotion

It's baaaack.....

Here's one commercial you can count on seeing during the Super Bowl.

Apple - iTunes - Pepsi

AFC Championship

Game of the year turns into a stomping of the Steelers - Patriots make Roethlisberger look like rookie in 41-27 romp

Tiger takes Buick

Somewhere, there is a VERY happy Brand/Corp. sponsorship guy at Buick this morning...

Did I mention I'm very excited that golf is back for the season? Not that it ever went away. To addicts like myself, you can always find some type of tournament on TV on the weekends. Heck, I'll take a Shell Wonderful World of Golf anytime.

Anyway, I'm glad that Tiger won, so now the media can get off his case and back to micro-managing David Duval's "comeback" this year.... - GOLF - Out of the fog: Tiger takes Buick

Now for Zen? Jackson says he'd listen to Knicks

Somebody should really tell Phil the definition of "retirement". Just call it a sabattical or extended vacation Phil, because obviously if the price is right, you'll take it. "Zen and the Art of Money Management".... - NBA - Now for Zen? Jackson says he'd listen to Knicks

'Cheney in the Morning,' or Something Like That

I think Dick is getting ready for his post-VP gig -- Howard's Stern slot once Stern moves over to Sirius. More proof that Cheney runs the show...

The New York Times > Washington > White House Letter: 'Cheney in the Morning,' or Something Like That

registration required

"I just flew in on Air Force 2 and boy are my arms tired! But seriously folks.."

Much ado about nothing

I really hope this Dobson idiot is just looking for press for his radio show or else he's the biggest dufus ever know to mankind. The very thought that one's sexuality could be determined by a TV show is beyond ludicrous. I'm sure every child at home in America is wondering "Gee, I'm not sure if I like girls or boys, so I'd better let a talking sponge determine my genetic disposition." Not to mention that tenets such as diversity, inclusion, and forgiveness tend to be the bedrock of Christianity. And don't give me the flack about the Leviticus passage. Last time I checked, we no longer perform sacrifices on animals or our first born sons - also written in the Old Testament.

If this bozo is really concerned about the effect of television on children, how about focusing his efforts on getting parents to turn the TV off - period. Talk to each other, play games, read books. Even the Bible.

Yahoo! News - SpongeBob's Recruitment Drive?

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bush 2.0

No place to hide

I heard this report on NPR on the way home from work last night and I found it both fascinating and downright scary with regards to personal freedoms as they are applied to the war on terror and the Patriot Act. I'm no fool. I know that data is collected every time I make a transaction, payment, apllication, etc. and it is stored in databases. But the thought that this guy goes into his home office and joins some database tables together via a remote connection to his office super-computer and, Voila! - Well, that's just downright Orwellian. Listen if you dare...

Report Summary:
Even as the Bush Administration went hunting for terrorists overseas after September 11th, the government was also looking for them here. One industry was more than ready to help. Data management companies had spent the decade before September 11th collecting billions of records about almost every American adult. In his new book, No Place to Hide, Robert O'Harrow looked into the data industry in this country and its new relationships with intelligence and law enforcement agencies. He worked with John Biewen from American RadioWorks on a companion documentary. In this report for Marketplace Beewin traces the transformation of a man named Hank Asher (pictured) from run-of-the-mill tech millionaire, to a player in the war on terror.

You Won't Beat Sony Again - No Wait...

The electonics giant admits defeat against the iPod... Steve Jobs is, literally, laughing all the way to the bank...

Sony Video Chief Admits Strategic Mistakes

New Ways to Manage Your Photos

David Pogue reviews the new iLife '05 and Picassa 2 programs in today's NY Technology section.

Photoshop beware!!

registration required

The New York Times > Movies > Oscars 2005 > This Oscar Host Is Willing to Call It as He Sees It

Finally, a compelling reason to watch the Oscars beyond the red carpet interviews.

The New York Times > Movies > Oscars 2005 > This Oscar Host Is Willing to Call It as He Sees It

requires registration, free

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Photo Sites Share and Share Alike

A roundup of four services.

Wired News: Photo Sites Share and Share Alike

Push-Button Wine Tasting

Former McDonald's CEO Charlie Bell dies of cancer

Insert ironic, fast-food related comment of your choice here... - Former McDonald's CEO Charlie Bell dies of cancer

Electronic tax filing now free for all at IRS Web site

Look, it's the new, customer-focused IRS! Come see the softer side of the tax man...

Electronic tax filing now free for all at IRS Web site

Majority of Americans disapprove of Bush's Iraq policy, polls say

Maybe if our troops didn't have to ride in the back of a pick-up truck like a bunch of small-town teenagers....

KeepMedia | AFP: Majority of Americans disapprove of Bush's Iraq policy, polls say

The Donald's "Discount" Wedding

Hey, when your company's in bankruptcy, every penny counts, right?

The Donald's "Discount" Wedding

Survivor - The Airlines, that is...

The do's and don'ts of flying

Fresh from the TSA web site...

News in Brief - The Onion

From this week's version of The Onion.

Caged Saddam To Be Highlight Of Inaugural Ball
WASHINGTON, DC—Attendees at the Independence Ball, one of nine officially sanctioned galas celebrating President George W. Bush's second inauguration Thursday, will be treated to a viewing of a caged Saddam Hussein, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said Monday. "What better way to honor the president than with a physical symbol of his many first-term triumphs?" McClellan said as Hussein rattled the bars of a cage already suspended above the ballroom where the event will be held. "And I must compliment the planning committee. Outfitting Gitmo detainees with iron collars and forcing them to serve appetizers was an inspired stroke." Ball attendees will also be awarded door prizes, including a basket of nuts, 20 yards of cloth, and a barrel of crude oil.

Why the Sun seems to be 'dimming'

Great. Less sun and more greenhouse gas. Sounds like a winning combo...

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Why the Sun seems to be 'dimming'

Up to 4-Week Wait for Apple IPod Shuffle

What Bush Could Say

George W. Bush, Philosopher-King

Harvard boss ripped over view on women

Fleece & Desist

Saturday, January 15, 2005

He's a complicated man

Don King and Richard Roundtree (Shaft) to help host the "Saluting Those Who Serve" ball with Kelsey Grammar.

They say this cat Shaft is a bad GOP mother
I'm talkin' 'bout Shaft.

Wonkette - Coronation Feat: Who's Who

Apple Haters Unite!!

More Apple satire
Apple Haters Unite!

Sanyo protoype TV Phone


As seen
at the Consumer Electronics Show

World's Smallest 3 CCD Camcorder

Hello Kitty Ferrari

To quote from the entry on
"This has got to be photoshopped, but if it's not, I want to meet the person who commissioned it. Sassy kawaii capitalism kitty crossed with trombone-engined super-phallus makes my head asplode."

Announcing the Apple iProduct

Mmmmm, satire

Apple iProduct

Teen Web Editor Drives Apple to Court Action

Apple needs to back off. This guy is not violating any off their IP. Somebody give Steve Jobs and his legal dept. a ridalin pill...

Yahoo! News - Teen Web Editor Drives Apple to Court Action

See the web site in question -

Anti-Bush Bracelets Say, 'Count Me Blue'

Let it go people. Let it go. Not to mention ripping off the LAF yellow bracelet idea...

Yahoo! News - Anti-Bush Bracelets Say, 'Count Me Blue'

Snow in Hawaii

ESA - Cassini-Huygens - New images from Titan

Pretty cool pictures. Sound files are also available at this site.

ESA - Cassini-Huygens - New images from Titan

Friday, January 14, 2005

iPod Photo Galleries > Macworld Expo SF 2005

New Star Wars Toys | Darth Tater & Wookiee Soaker

Well sure - Who wouldn't want a wookiee soaker?? I'm pretty sure most of these will be bought by paunchy, white guys in their 30's & 40's instead of 8 year-olds...

Star Wars: Collecting | Darth Tater & Wookiee Soaker: New Star Wars Toys

Piper Upgrades Ask Jeeves, Yahoo; Shares Rise

Ask Jeeves? Who in the heck still uses this joke of a search engine? Probably the same poeple that have a PeoplePC and have their start/home page set on

Top Technology News Sponsored by Audi | "Piper Upgrades Ask Jeeves, Yahoo; Shares Rise"

Motorola, Oakley Making Wearable Wireless Devices

Hmm, seems like another lawsuit opportunity...

Motorola, Oakley Making Wearable Wireless Devices
Fri Jan 14, 2005 3:36 AM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Motorola Inc. on Friday announced a joint venture with eyewear maker Oakley Inc. to develop new Bluetooth-enabled wearable wireless communications devices.

Motorola said it is working with Oakley to combine its Bluetooth technology, which allows devices to communicate with each other without a physical wire connection, with Oakley's eyewear concepts.

It said details and designs will be unveiled by the middle of the year.

Verizon Wireless Users Sue Over Cellphone Feature

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Verizon Wireless customers are suing the mobile service provider, claiming that it is selling a cell phone with fewer Bluetooth short range radio features than they expected, the plaintiffs' lawyer said on Thursday.

Well, they could always switch to Sprint...

Latest News and Financial Information

Images of the UK's stopped clocks

British, U.S. TV Pair for Jackson Re-Enactments

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - With cameras barred from the upcoming Michael Jackson child molestation trial, two television networks have found a way to bring the drama home -- have actors reenact courtroom testimony.

This is so very, very wrong...

Television Article |

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Critics Call Bush's Deficit Efforts Feeble

Critics Call Bush's Deficit Efforts Feeble

"What in the hell we supposed to do, you morons?"

When Push Comes to Shove - The Amazing Race wife-abuse scandal

The brouhaha on my wife's favorite show.
Late - When Push Comes to Shove - The Amazing Race wife-abuse scandal. By Dana Stevens

And of course the happy couple in question, have their own website (natch) - even a blog that's worse than mine. I've seen 8 year-olds' IM sessions that are more literate than their blog. Their site is narccism at its finest my friends..

Citizen Jordan - A basketball legend's soulless retirement caps his soulless career

Hardball 101 - The New Republic Online

What goes around, comes around...

The New Republic Online: Hardball 101

'Ali G' Comedian Risks Riot at U.S. Rodeo

Harry urged to say sorry publicly

Ahh, the indiscretions of youth. I mean come on, who amongst us hasn't attended a costume party dressed as Hitler youth?

Very tacky.

But is he an Anti-Semite, Nazi? No. Just a kid who's pissed off because his future was determined by birth order. You'd rebel too...

BBC NEWS | UK | Harry urged to say sorry publicly

Amber alert

Anybody else tired of seeing this PR whore and her ambulance chasing lawyer making the rounds on TV? Come on, first she wants to be left alone, now she's out pimping a book?? WTF? Sorry, Amber, you can't have it both ways.

Sleeping with married men - bad. And yes, who knew he was a killer? But you go on TV playing the victim? Give it a break lady. The dead girl's friends and families are the victims here. People face hardships every day in our inner cities that you will never know like paying bills, making sure kids get to school, food & shelter issues, gang violence, drugs, and trying to hold down jobs. Some are so called reasons for writing the book. However, I must commend your ability to exploit this and take advantage of the media, who seem to have an insatiable appetite for these types of stories. (And your fast styping skills given the fact this rag made it into publication less than a month after the verdict was announced.)

And why are we as a society, so obsessed with this story when soldiers and citizens are dying in Iraq and brutalities continue in Sudan and other parts of Africa? Real news goes on every day around the world, yet this is what passes for the major story.

Amber, you're just exploiting your 15 mins. of fame. And according to my watch, you've gone over your allotment by about 5 mins. Beat it.

MSNBC - 'I Feel Pain'

Harvard Hires 'Fun Czar' to Spice Up Student Life

Beer Czar & Drug Czar soon to follow...

Yahoo! News - Harvard Hires 'Fun Czar' to Spice Up Student Life

N Korea wages war on long hair

Glad to see cross dressing and avid viewing of porn are still safe.

And to think this freak-daddy's got nuclear capabilities? Yikes!!

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | N Korea wages war on long hair

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Pimp my Golf Cart

Given the coveted 18-34 male demographic, I smell a new show around the corner on the "Golf Channel" based on this entry at the Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas last week...

Turn your iPod into an iPod Shuffle

Iraq leaders admit nationwide vote impossible, hunt ends for WMD

More great news from Iraq... Hey Ho!! Hey Ho!! Rummy has to go!!

KeepMedia | AFP: Iraq leaders admit nationwide vote impossible, hunt ends for WMD

Rumsfled shows how big his cojones are in order to justify keeping his job

Churchill museum to open in London

No word on if it contains a cigar bar and/or cocktail lounge....

KeepMedia | AFP: Churchill museum to open in London

Payday or Holiday

Commentary on the work/life balance struggle...

Fast Company Now

ODB - Gone, but not forgotten...

The Bloggers' Rights Blog

This is bordering on ridiculous. I'n no expert on employment law, but if you're on company time, then too bad. Blogger beware.

The Bloggers' Rights Blog

U.S. Tells D.C. to Pay Inaugural Expenses

D.C. needs all the help it can get and $11M for a party could be better allocated...

requires registration

U.S. Tells D.C. to Pay Inaugural Expenses (

A natural, low-tech solution to tsunamis: mangroves

I see a new marketing slogan - "Trees - The Natural Choice"...
Only issue is how long will it take to grow these things long enough in order to be an effective barrier?

A natural, low-tech solution to tsunamis: mangroves |

"The Daily Show" clip of Alberto Gonzales confirmation hearing

"The Geneva Convention - The Hummel Figurine of doctorines"

Requires Quicktime
Click here

United States Geological Survey Digital Data Series

A series of photos taken from 1872 - 1991. You can search by year, category, etc. Contains some really interesting black and white landscapes from the late 1800's.

United States Geological Survey Digital Data Series DDS-21

Bushism of the Day By Jacob Weisberg

Bushism of the Day By Jacob Weisberg

Maybe one of George's aides should consider the "Internets" as an alternative proposal...

Old meets new in the cosmos

BBC NEWS - 100 things we didn't know this time last year

The AAPL pundits weigh in

Mini Mac commentary over on Airbag

Airbag - Rubick.

Muzak thinks outside the box

Sis' new job - selling music while your on hold or shopping
Congratulations! - Muzak thinks outside the box

Pundit for Hire - Please, Mr. President, I can shill for you, too! By Art Levine

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Apple iPod Shuffle - Engadget -

Mini-Me The Apple Mac Mini - Engadget

Let the debate begin amongst the Apple purists...

The Apple Mac Mini - Engadget -

Monday, January 10, 2005

VII Photo Agency

Great photo essay site covering current events, politicans, and also some celebrities.

VII Photo Agency

Photoshop for Rednecks

USB GuitarPlug and MicPlug

This and or the JamPod seem like a gret idea for the digital home recording crowd.

Gizmodo : USB GuitarPlug and MicPlug

Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Digital Camera Story

Hard proof regarding the megapixel debate (e.g., more is better)
Surf-Bits: Learning Mac with a Switcher - A Digital Camera Story

X rocks on

Update on one of favorite bands from high school/college.

X rocks on

ABC News: Gates Touts 'Digital Lifestyle' in Vegas & gets the BSOD!!

Tsunami stuff

Religious right Web sites ignore Tsunami relief, while liberal religious sites appeal for tsunami donations

Matthew Miller on tidal waves, Adam Smith, and the limits of compassion. This one seems to really hit home for me. The human pysche is a very odd thing...

iPodlounge Article

CES 2005 iPod News and Accessories Roundup

iPodlounge | All Things iPod

A bevy of boxes have room inside for value, flavor

These aren't your fathers' E&J wine boxes...

A bevy of boxes have room inside for value, flavor

Chilly dreams / Passion for Pinot Noir

The Chronicle's Wine Selections: Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Plus-$50

Flush with some extra holiday cash? Spend away, right here
The Chronicle's Wine Selections: Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Plus-$50

Petite Sirah's Extra Large Wallop

Colorado Snow Report for Winter Park Ski Resort

Almost 3 feet of new snow in the past week. Whoa!!

Colorado Snow Report for Winter Park Ski Resort

George Jetson, Meet the Sequel

Great idea and PR tool. However at a cost of $700k per car and no infrastructure to support re-fueling the hydrogen, it's just that - an idea.
The New York Times > Business > Your Money > George Jetson, Meet the Sequel

registration required

New state designs for the quarter

The New York Times > Opinion > Image

Commentary on new state designs for the quarter from The New York Times Op-Art page

requires registration

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Day After Party - Funny Image Gallery -

A couple images may not be appropriate viewing for the office environment - unless you work for The Onion...

Day After Party - Funny Image Gallery -

Hola, Mr. Hand

Hey. Well between trying to finish up things at work, taking time off for the holidays, my updates to this blog have been woefully behind. So bear with me - this one's going to have lots of stuff. On top of it all, as I write this, I am bed ridden recovering from abdominal surgery yesterday. Better know as an inguinal hernia. Not sure how it happened, but it did, and now it's been repaired by 2 layers of mesh against my abdomen wall via lathroscopic outpatient surgery. Needless to say, sitting up and/or standing up right now is a wee bit painful. Not that I'm complaining. I was sent home with a little pump that delivers painkiller right to the abdomen area via a Stryker Pain Pump - plus enough Lortab to party with Courtney Love for a long weekend. Hopefully, I'll be back to normal in a few days and back to running by the end of the month. But enough about me.


Some incredible photos of the Tsunami from last week. Shot by a tourist in Phuket. These have since been used by Newsweek in their Jan. 10th issue.

LA Weekly's mother of all lists for 2004 - The Zeitlist. Chock full of goodies.

Britons growing "digitally obese".
Gadget lovers are so hungry for digital data many are carrying the equivalent of 10 trucks full of paper in "weight". Blimey! Guess this means it's time for a digital diet, eh?

US strikes wrong target.
An American air strike in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul has hit the wrong target, the US military has admitted. Please move along folks. Nothing to see here.

Happy Birthday Elvis!! In case you're wondering what he might look like today at age 70. Note, image does not account for botox or other plastic surgeries that you just know he would have been into. See also John Lennon at age 64.

Study: Eating fast food does supersize you. Uh, DUH!!!!

In related news, the winner is...

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston separate. Man, I know Troy was a dud, but jeez, talk about kicking a guy when he's down...

Ringo gets busted for the chronic. Los Lonely Boys' Ringo, that is.

In recent celeb prison news:
Report: Stewart loses decorating contest in prison
NEW YORK (AP) — Martha Stewart, who has regaled audiences with countless holiday decorating tips in her magazine and on television, reportedly was unable to lead her team to victory in a prison decoration contest.
Stewart and a team of fellow inmates at a federal prison camp in Alderson, W.Va. crafted paper cranes to be hung from the ceiling, People magazine reported in an article posted on its Web site Wednesday. They lost out to a competing team that built a nativity scene showing "pictures of snow-covered hills and sleds and clouds on the wall," the magazine quoted an inmate as saying.

Each team was given $25 worth of glitter, ribbons, construction paper and glue to build a display based on the theme "Peace on Earth," the magazine said.

Stewart, who built a billion-dollar empire in homemaking, was convicted along with her stockbroker of lying about why she unloaded shares of ImClone Systems Inc. stock in 2001, just before the price plunged.

She is due to be released in early March from Alderson, then must spend five months confined to her home in Bedford, N.Y.

Following the house arrest, she is scheduled to begin shooting a daytime talk show with a live studio audience.

The Year in Culture from and Pop Goes 2004 - trends in music from 2004 - both from

Article on satellite radio recording. You can already hear the RIAA warming up the subpoena generator...

Techy stuff
Tons of news coming out of the CES show in Vegas. Not to mention the snow on the strip. The weather kind, that is..
- Samsung's 3.2 megapixel cameraphone
- Gwen Stefani's digital camera. Yawn.
- USA Today's blog of the CES
- Sirius' Portable satellite receiver
- Samsung unveils the world's largest plasma TV at 102 inches. All yours for about $110,000.
- Samsung also shows off the world's largest LCD TV at 57" for about $16,000.

Motorola's iTunes phone was unveiled as well. No word on carrier or network specs.

How to stalk your own wi-fi network

TivoToGo - Bring it on! Me likey!!

Former MTV VJ, Adam Curry, shows how you too can be a podcaster.

What happens when you work at Apple on a pet project but it is canceled before it ships and you're fired? If you're Ron Avitzur, you ignore reality and finish it anyway by sneaking into work.

Colin Powell, short-timer.

Scott McClellan plays hooky.

Unlike Fox News, this guy admits he's on the GOP payroll. Armstrong Lewis leaves no payments behind...

Dubya gets a new best friend. Now it's confirmed - the White House has gone to the dogs...

Having your way with AnnCoulter.
A little crude, but then again, so is she.

Newt Gingrich Open to Presidential Run. I say go for it. Democrats need all the help we can get and this windbag isn't worthy of a GOP sympathy vote.

George's approval ratings are the worst of any recent 2nd term president. Clearly, it WAS a mandate. Maybe the Texas/Satan hand-signs are bringing him down?