Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Doodle 4 Google

"The Doodle 4 Google competition was open to schools located around Google's new London headquarters in October 2005. Pupils from local schools were invited to send their interpretation of the Google logo, following the theme, celebration, date or celebrity of their choice. "

Dig the Man-United theme from Theo....

Doodle 4 Google

Air Bubble

Two New York City developers have agreed to pay a record-setting amount for "air rights" so they can build a 35-story apartment tower with views of Central Park from the high floors.

$430 a Square Foot, for Air? Only in New York Real Estate - New York Times email reg. req'd]

The Fat Man's Fridge

I understand the non-profit benefitng from this, but it's still pretty sad...
Jerry Garcia's Appliances to Be Auctioned - Yahoo! News

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

10 Things Every New Mac Owner Should Know

Gervais returns to radio with Guardian podcast

The Bike on the Balcony

The Bike on the Balcony
Originally uploaded by Thomas Hawk.

Ten to Avoid - the Worst Products of 2005

These may all look shiny and sharp on the shelves, but each one is fundamentally flawed. You've been warned!
PC Magazine: Ten to Avoid - the Worst Products of 2005

Bush's Shrinking Safety Zone

What does it say about the president of the United States that he won't go anywhere near ordinary citizens any more? And that he'll only speak to captive audiences?

Washington - Bush's Shrinking Safety Zone [may req. email reg.]

The Ultimate Geek Gift Guide

Picks and pans to please the choosiest geeks this holiday season.
Wired News: The Ultimate Geek Gift Guide

Media Age Business Tips From U2

The band is running a corporation, yet the fans don't seem to mind.

Media Age Business Tips From U2 - New York Times [may req. email reg]


Sunday, November 27, 2005

100 Notable Books of the Year

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A data point for frozen turkeys

The Oenophile's Giving Guide

Sorry folks. $2 Buck-Chuck didn't make the list...The Oenophile's Giving Guide

R.I.P. Link Wray

Link Wray invented the distortion sound of today's rock guitar by puncturing holes in his amp's speaker cone back in the 50's for the song "Rumble"

PCL LinkDump: R.I.P. Link Wray

Life Inside of a Water Bottle

Extreme VR shot inside a water bottle, by photographer Thomas Mottl.
Photographer: Thomas Mottl of

What: Life from the perspective of a 2-litre Volvic water bottle.

When: August 19, 2005

Where: Mottl’s house in Pforzheim, Germany

Why: "Sometimes I get crazy ideas and then I must just do it," explains Mottl.

How: Creative Thomas Mottl used four bottles; in three he cut a hole in different directions (center, edge, etc.) and the fourth he cut in half (for the up and down shots). He then shot six pics in a row, altering the bottles: two top shots, bottle open, bottle closed and one down shot.

Camera: sigma SD10, Sigma EX 8mm f4 Fisheye, Manfrotto 303SPH, Realviz Stitcher


American Edit

Mash-ups of Green Day's "American Idiot" tracks

Dean Gray presents American Edit

Kodak's Moment

In the past two years, Kodak has stepped up its digital transformation and strived to cut its traditional manufacturing base. And even that has mis-fired as the company tried to produce high-end DSLR's that were generally ignored by the "prosumer" photographic community in favor of Canon or Nikon. Kodak's sweet-spot is in the consumer digital point and shoot arena and it looks like they've finally realized that conclusion.

Barron's Online - Kodak's Moment

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Center No Longer Holds

"For all their current vulnerabilities, Republicans still enjoy a number of formidable advantages, grounded in a favorable electoral map and the character of contemporary majority rule. What's more, while many Democrats are crowing about Bush's free fall, most of these Republican advantages rest in Congress, not the White House. And unfortunately for Democrats, even a significant shift in public opinion toward the Democrats may do little to loosen the G.O.P. Congressional majority's grip on power."

The Center No Longer Holds - New York Times [email reg. req'd]:

Cingular Reverting To AT&T Brand (Phone Scoop)

WTF? Big Ed has gone loony. This is good money chasing bad...

Cingular Reverting To AT&T Brand (Phone Scoop)

SNL skit: Steve Jobs & the iPod "invisa"

You know you've reached mass-media saturation when they do a skit about you on SNL.
Requires QuickTime (of course)...
SNL skit: Steve Jobs & the iPod "invisa"

Say Sayonara to Blurry Pics

Sounds pretty cool. But there's something to be said for getting it right the first time with your gear and knowledge of photography principles...

Wired News: Say Sayonara to Blurry Pics

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Locked doors thwart Bush's bid to duck question

This is the leader of the free-world. God help us all...

Locked doors thwart Bush's bid to duck question - Yahoo! News

Micro Persuasion: Ten Blogging Hacks

Putting the Napster Genie Back in the Bottle

"He wants to create an open system that would allow anyone with music to share - big labels and garage bands alike - to register their works with Snocap and set the economic terms under which songs could be traded. Snocap would collect the fees, using software that listens to each song in participating file-sharing services, matching songs that listeners order with those in the registry and forcing users to pay the price the song owner demands."

Putting the Napster Genie Back in the Bottle - New York Times [may require email reg.]

Saturday, November 19, 2005


"Creative" use for an old Mac SE case... My Apple iWipe

Why Henry Blodgett Doesn't Believe in Stock Picking

Energy Fiend » Death by Caffeine

"You could drink 31.49 cups of Starbucks Tall Coffee before croaking"

Energy Fiend » Death by Caffeine


Originally uploaded by Thomas Hawk.

East coast winemaking

Nearly every state in the Union has wineries (although the grapes may be grown elsewhere) yet countless Americans don't realize there is wine in their back yards.
Chicago Tribune: Food and Drink - Go East Young Wine

Friday, November 18, 2005

It slices, dices and generates boatloads of cash

Good work if you can get it regarding Ron Popeil's latest deal - Just sign it and forget it

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1

I really dig this camera for a p&s digicam. Hoping a firmware update will fix some of the image noise - even at low ISO's. However,I like the 16x9 format and the Leica lens without paying for the Leica name...

DCRP Review: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1

Nano vs. the Zen Micro

Baby you can drive my couch

For the hard-to-buy-for person on your holiday shopping list - a sofa that is streel legal to drive up to 87 mph.

Cummfy Banana - Casual Lofa

God's Debris

Download Scott Adam's latest book in a PDF. This ain't no Dilbert book in case you were wonderin'. Rather it's "a religion/science book written by a cartoonist, using hypnosis techniques in the writing."

God's Debris

Housing Starts Soften; Builder's Bear Market?

Between this, the flattening yeild curves, and the deficits, it could get ugly for the avg. investors out there (read - me & you)...
The Big Picture: Housing Starts Soften; Builder's Bear Market?

Old School Genius

Seen at an Apple Store "Genius Bar" [fyi - those would be ironic quotes if you've ever interacted with the GB staffers]

"some guy brought his old Mac in because he thought it was time to 'upgrade'."

Kroll's Blog - Old School Genius

Justifying an All-Time High Stock Price

That's a whole lotta shiny devices to sell....

Justifying an All-Time High Stock Price

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What wine goes with turkey?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Digital Rights Mismanagement - How Apple, Microsoft, and Sony cash in on piracy prevention

Digital Rights Mismanagement - How Apple, Microsoft, and Sony cash in on piracy prevention: "What's hardest for the consumer to swallow, then, is that anti-piracy schemes like DRM look like the subtle tactic of the monopolist. Neither Apple nor Microsoft is hurt by music piracy. Instead, they use it as a marketing ploy to force people to use their products. "

"I'll take 'History' for all the marbles, Alex"

Ouch. This one hits the POTUS right in the nose.
The Next Hurrah: "I'll take 'History' for all the marbles, Alex"

The iPod Influence

Apple has raised the bar. It's all about usability and design to enhance the customer experience.
Business 2.0 :: Online Article :: Wireless Report :: The iPod Influence

License to Print Money

Some quick math says that the per show haul is $2.9 million and the band keeps half of that. $1.45 million divided by 4 = $364K per band member, per show. Of course that's before taxes and insurance....

U2's Vertigo Trek To Roll On

Old Records Meet the iPod

I've got hundreds of out of print LP's that I would love to convert, but I haven't had a decent turntable since high-school/college. That, and I've migrated away from the stereo compnent set-up, save for the home theater rig. This looks like a very viable solution for the Digital Audio G4. Maybe I can finally have my Guadalcanal Diary, Rave-Ups and Wild Seeds albums digitized! Me thinks me see a winter-time project approaching....
Old Records Meet the iPod

Well said

Why "Arrested Development" never took off. Language warning - very profane (what else would you expect from David?)
Sadly, this was captured last year so the trouble's been-a-brewing for awhile...

via Airbag - requires QuickTime

mmeiser blog: An open invite to David Cross and the Arrested Development Crew

Monday, November 14, 2005

Henry Rollins and the U.S.O.

small budget photography

How to do a lot with just a little

small budget photography - jesse crouch's log

Before & After

Behold, the power of Photoshop....

Before & After - I Like Cameras

Full Metal Jacket

Great review of the new 15" Powerbook G4.

Daring Fireball: Full Metal Jacket

Big Easy Fighting Epic Battle Against Mold

A wet building is a moving target: The longer it sits, the worse the mold gets.

Big Easy Fighting Epic Battle Against Mold - Yahoo! News

Friday, November 11, 2005

Nebraska Football is Dead

eBay lets users search prices

An already efficient marketplace get even tighter with regards to price anomolies.

What's it worth? eBay lets users search prices

Would someone at HBO please pick-up "Arrested"?!

Once again, smart & edgy loses out in the mainstream network world of sitcoms. Truly sad that "Arrested" is heading to the "Brilliant, but cancelled" dust-heap...

Networks cancel '7th Heaven,' 'Arrested' - Yahoo! News

How to make Trekkies look normal

OMG!! What a bunch of English Lit. freaks!!! I heard this on my way into work this morning.
Their comments on how the movie differs from the book are just so priceless. These poeple REALLY need to get a friggin' life....

NPR : 'Pride and Prejudice'

What $300k per week will get you

Teen Creates What Microsoft Couldn't

Coolest use of Google Maps yet - Risk!

Play on version of Risk using Google Maps.
Michael Gartenberg - Coolest use of Google Maps yet - Risk!

Unintended Consequences

"The precious New York Times simply doesn't get it. Smart writers who understand the web are calling TimesSelect a stupid move, and I agree. It has the unintended consequences of sending the message that the columnists are much more valuable brands than the news is."

Jack Myers Media Village: Unintended Consequences

The 10 Worst Jobs in Science

# 3 - Kansas Biology Teacher
#10 - Orangutan-Pee Collector

If that isn't the saddest statement about the state I call home, I don't know what is....

via Geek Press
The Worst Jobs in Science - Popular Science

Hands-on with Aperture

" If for nothing else, Aperture will be remembered as 'the software that forced all the other programs to get better'."
PDN Online: Hands-on with Aperture

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Help Wanted: Government Seeks Reporter-Lackey. Experience a Plus

Wonkette's list of "potential new job offers" now that Judy's left the NY Times...

Help Wanted: Government Seeks Reporter-Lackey. Experience a Plus - Wonkette


Beatles melodies set to Metallica-style musicianship & lyrics.
Note the use of the Hoffner bass and Rickenbacker guitar use by all Beatles tribute bands juxtaposed against the hair/outifts of the Metallica tribute. Brilliant!
I also dig the "horned hand" mouse cursor on the web site. All mp3s can be downloaded. I think the "Sandman" is my favorite (Tax Man meets Enter Sandman).

Greatest Internet Moments

Seeing the Oracle of Bacon on there brought a (sniff,sniff) moment. I remember using that site all the time 10 years ago when I first got online. A great way to kill time; 28 kbs dial-up and all...

Greatest Internet Moments

DRM - Digital Rights Minimization

We want to use our legally obtained downloaded media how we see fit. Here, here brother....
Writers Block Live - DRM - Digital Rights Minimization

Color infrared photos

"KODAK EKTACHROME Professional Infrared EIR Film is an infrared-sensitive, "false-color" transparency film on an ESTAR Base*. It is intended for various photographic applications where infrared discriminations may yield useful results, such as: artistic, industrial, scientific, and aerial or technical ground photography. The amount of infrared reflectance present at any given time will affect the final color rendition. Exposure latitude is limited to � 1/2 stop."

Original post via Boing Boing
Flickr: ioerror's photos tagged with colorinfrared

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 - How to Watch TV

Flurry of Deals Gives Viewers New Options For Tuning In to Shows; Paying by the Program - How to Watch TV

Holiday Music Preview (aka "Where Are They Now?") Martha Stewart Living Music: Jazz for the Holidays: Music Order now and get the bonus ankle bracelet at no additional charge! Perfect for tracking your loved ones during this busy holiday season. Rev. Horton Heat - We Three Kings Man the Rev. is a hurtin'. I can remember when this guy had all the indie cred in the world. Course that was bout 10 -15 years ago. Amazed he managed to stay out of prison, actually... Craig Chaquico - Holiday Remember this guy? He used to be the lead guitarist for Jefferson Starship. After he "built this city" he bolted for a career in the New Age segment.

What's the matter with Kansas

2 things to start with. See the related atricles.
The Kansas Board of Education and Sen. Sam Brownback

Music thing: Brian Eno is selling lots of gear!

"C" is for cookie

Rebuilding New Orleans: Twenty Big Ideas and a Postscript

Teach Your Children Well

I couldn't agree more that most of my suburban parenting peers let their kids run around like a bunch of wild chickens in places where they shouldn't. Call me old-school, but teaching restraint is key. Of course, when the parents themselves weren't taught this, what do you expect.

At Center of a Clash, Rowdy Children in Coffee Shops - New York Times [may require email reg.]

Fear Santa

Amusing short film from SBUX

The Red Cup | November 9th

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Dilbert Blog: Getting Away With Murder

UPDATE: This bozo's been caught, but I love the "what-if" Scott initially proposes here a few days ago.

"I hate to take sides, but if I made a fake ID using nothing but a pack of Marlboros and a spoon, and made a set of civilian clothes out of pillowcases, then walked out of jail, I'd be feeling pretty good about myself too. I know for sure that I'd feel superior to the idiot who let me out. And that's not even counting the part about getting away with murder."

The Dilbert Blog: Getting Away With Murder

Monday, November 07, 2005

2005 NYC Marathon Photos - New York Times

See the slideshow
May require email reg.

iTunes Glitch

Looks the code jockeys at Apple were getting bored. Click on the photo to note the album being reviewed vs. the album itself. FYI - You may need to click the photo again once it loads in order to read the small text as full-res.

Maybe Dio needs more "Holiday Cowbell"??

The Most Fattening Cocktails

Long Island Ice Tea tops the list at 900+ calories. Yowza!

The Most Fattening Cocktails -

Friday, November 04, 2005

Kinky Friedman melds Texas politics, reality TV

The New Yorker also ran a great profile on Kinky this past summer. See the article here. "The Governor will have pancakes!"

Kinky Friedman melds Texas politics, reality TV - Yahoo! News

The Rock Snob

There's a run on gizmos

Gear u can use for the NYC Marathon this weekend

New York Post Online Edition: There's a Run on Gizmos [email reg. req'd]

Saddle Up With The Hard Drive Belt Buckle

Alright, there Macguyver, chill.
Saddle Up With The Hard Drive Belt Buckle - Gizmodo

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thanks Ron. Now in other news for losers...

Good grief - what a potential dorkfest...
National D&D Day On November 5

Hey, Karen Hughes!!! Over here!!! It's about Pakistan!!!

Epstein explains exit

Dear David Glass,
DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BRING THEO HERE TO KC!! Sell off some Wal-Mart stock, give Theo Wal-Mart stock. Hell, give him equity in the team. Bag Al Baird and get Theo here to properly re-build. This isn't Wal-Mart, this is MLB. Gotta spend money to make money, Davey.
Anybody in KC who cares about baseball

p.s. - Since you're opening the checkbook, Johnny Damon is a free agent and you could bring him back to where it all began.... - MLB - Epstein explains exit, says he's OK with Lucchino

Where the Rhone Bends to the West

"In a tasting of California reds blended in the style of the southern Rhone, the panel found wines that despite their Old World models, were decidedly New World."

Where the Rhone Bends to the West - New York Times

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Aperture Will Be the Wrapper, Not the Core, of Photo Workflow

Aperture will come up aces in the workflow category, but file-quality sticklers will stay with Photoshop to perfect their pictures.
Aperture Will Be the Wrapper, Not the Core, of Photo Workflow

Jack O'Lantern Contest

Originally uploaded by mindplay.

Jack and Jackie O'Lantern

The Big Picture: DRM Crippled CD: A bizarre tale in 4 parts

Sony, you just don't get it - do you? (said in my best Dr. Evil voice..)

The Big Picture: DRM Crippled CD: A bizarre tale in 4 parts

Cool video clips

These require Quicktime.

This is for the new Sony line of LCD TV's. (large file) Several people have still shots of the video shoot from earlier this summer in SF, CA on Flickr.

This is for a Guinness beer ad. If this doesn't solve the debate over Intelligent Design, nothing will... ;-)

This is a parody of "Dubya's speech writer" as portrayed by Andy Dick. Pretty funny regardless of politcal party affiliation.

Elvis Remains Top-Earning Dead Celeb

$45 Million? That's a whole lotta fried banana PB&J's....

Elvis Remains Top-Earning Dead Celeb

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Many Internet Start-Ups Are Telling Venture Capitalists: 'We Don't Need You'

Bad Books - a photoset on Flickr

Some books I found while browsing last weekend at the Kansas City Public Library used book sale.

Bad Books - a photoset on Flickr