Monday, October 03, 2005

Tiger Woods Wins Over Yacht Maker

Item! Tiger Woods has a yacht! And he wants to keep it low-key? By naming the yacht, "Privacy"? Can't you just feel the irony.....

The Sand Trap .com: Tap-Ins: Tiger Woods Wins Over Yacht Maker


Blogger Sports Junky said...

I agree,

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You have seen it? Its pretty cool. You buy issues for your favorite golfers and you make real money. Not like a fake stock simulator. I cash out Dividends each time your golfer plays in a tournament. Also I can sell my players stock when the price goes up.

check it out if something like this interests you.
heres a link

This site has lots of data about dividends and game pots and golfers. It also has alot of information about how the market works.

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11:22 AM  

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